K-Pups Underground Fencing

K-Pups is the place to get your affordable hidden dog fence and containment system for your beloved pet. Your animals safety is important to us. We install only the best – Pet Stop® brand underground electric dog fences - the Invisible Fence alternative®. K-Pups, Inc. has been serving the pet fence industry in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin for since 1994. Just like you, owner Jay Doig is a pet owner that has the same safety concerns as you. Call or email the dog fence experts at K-pups today for a free estimate. Whether you’re looking for a completely new fence installation, or an upgrade from an existing Invisible Fence®, a new transmitter, receiver or simply a replacement battery K-Pups is here to help.

Our deep love for animals and the importance of protecting them from getting out of the yard, and into potential danger is why it’s important to us to provide a safe and reliable system. We understand that dogs are a part of the family, and that no two dogs are the same. Only the best is good enough for them. Which is why we install Pet Stop containment systems. We invite you to visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Pet Stop® hidden pet fences is a 100% made in the USA product, produced with pride. It is important that we make a trustworthy product to provide you with peace of mind for your dog’s safety.

Now your dog can have the freedom he deserves with the safety, security and peace of mind you deserve.

We also provide service and competitive upgrades on other dog fences, including; Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, Pet Safe® and others. Our Prices are unbeatable call today for a free estimate for service or an upgrade.

Humane, Low-Stress Dog Fence Training

Pet Stop® is committed to delivering high quality, safe products, that are technologically advanced. After the installation, we provide “state of the art” training for you and your pet. Your pet will quickly become “conditioned” into the system giving it the freedom to roam the containment area safely and securely.

Every pet is different, and that’s why it is so important to choose a containment system that’s right for your best friend. Our electric dog fences are fully customizable, to fit any kind of dog, big or small, shy or enthusiastic. We find the right settings for your pet and use a safe and gentle training method so your pet learns where the edge of the yard is in a shorter amount of time.

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